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Wellington: 22 - 24 May 2015
Auckland: 21 - 23 August 2015
Baby Banz NZ

Banz NZ are dedicated to providing top-quality sun and sound safety gear, designed with babies and children in mind.

* See our ranges of children's stay-put sunglasses - Adventure Banz and Retro styles, 100% UV-proof - and so darn cute!
* Sound-protective earmuffs for babies and children - Banz Mini Muffs for up to 2 yrs and Protective Earmuffs for 2+ yrs. Use for noise-sensitive children; around fireworks; loud garden equipment; jetsprints; loud events - festivals, concerts; car racing; on the farm, etc!
* Banz adjustable, wide-brimmed sunhats
* BA Baby Bottle Holder - let your child easily hold their own bottle!

We're excited to introduce the unique Magic Mitten, a Kiwi-invented, non-invasive baby calming aid that plays gentle, soothing sounds when placed close to your upset baby's ear. It soothes and pacifies your upset baby - like magic! STOP PRESS: stock delayed: we will have samples to try and a discount coupon to redeem when stock arrives. We sincerely apologise!


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Baby Banz NZ

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Baby Banz NZ
PO Box 25297, St Heliers
Auckland, 1740

T: 0800 69 22 69
F: 09-521 5798

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