Baby Sleep Consultant – Emma Purdue

Baby Sleep Consultant – Emma Purdue

Babies and their sleeping habits are my passion. After nearly 6 years of helping mothers get their babies off to sleep I have lost count of the number of people I have helped.

My philosophy is based on creating positive sleep associations for your child. This involves sleep preparation routines, a well balanced diet and development of positive sleep habits.

If you have a strong willed child who has developed negative sleep associations - he will probably cry as we change things on him, but you don't have to leave your baby to cry alone to get results.

While every baby is different, I also find that every mum is different too! My philosophy is to tailor the sleep assessment into a solution you can work with and are comfortable to introduce - which culminates in your baby sleeping through the night. In saying this, your commitment to the introduction of a new sleep routine is absolutely the most vital element in achieving success.

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