Baby Steps Goat Toddler Milk Drink

We are parents too & we understand every parent wants the very best for their children. Goat milk is naturally gentle on little tummies due to its unique fatty acid & protein profile. It may be a good choice for toddlers with a delicate digestion.
As part of your toddler's varied diet, Baby Steps Goat Toddler Milk Drink is a nutritionally formulated supplementary food for young children. Made with the goodness of goat milk plus nutrients Omega-3 (DHA), GOS & 16 vitamins & minerals to support your toddler's normal growth & development.

Fortified with DHA.
Fortified with Zinc, Vitamin B6, C to contribute to normal immune system function.

Goat milk is full of good fats that are rapidly broken down, absorbed & boost energy. The size of the fat globule is smaller than cow milk allowing faster, easier digestion of nutrients. Goat milk has less allergenic proteins compared to cow milk, which may benefit sensitive tummies.

Made in NZ & contains goat milk soured from our NZ Goat farms.

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