Just Hatched - the Baby Book app

Which side did the baby feed on last?
How long was the midday nap?
What time did the little one wake up?
What was the last weigh-in?

The life of a new mum is oh-so full of questions. We’ve created Just Hatched to help you keep full track of grams and centimetres while you get to fully enjoy the precious time with your baby.

• Feeding Tracking – record breastfeeding, pumping, bottle or solids sessions
• Sleeping Tracking – record baby's daytime and nighttime sleeping patterns
• Nappies Tracking – record wet or dirty nappies
• Baby Growth Tracking – monitor baby’s growth and weight gains on charts developed by World Health Organisation standards
• Daily Activity Timeline – get a map out of your baby’s routine
• Detailed stats and graphs – get a full picture of what is happening to your baby
• Set Up Reminders – create a feeding or a sleeping schedule
• Track baby milestones – celebrate your baby’s achievements

The app that is easy-to-use & easy-to-love.

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