Little Angels Pure Baby Food

Snap-frozen premium baby food, hand made in NZ from organic produce, free range meats, line caught fish & organic cold pressed oils.

Every ingredient in Little Angels baby food is chosen for its nutritional properties, taste and texture. We never add sugar, flour, dairy products or any type of preservatives, flavours, colours, fillers, thickners or emulsifiers. All the flavour and the nutrition comes from our fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Our meals are cooked just like you would cook at home. Our meats are braised, roasted or slow cooked in the oven, and our vegetables are gently steamed. We never cook using pressure or ultra-high heat processing as we want our food to retain all the goodness and nurtients babies need to grow up healthy and strong.

Little Angels Pure Baby Food is available from leading supermarkets and specialty stores.

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