Totally Devoted

Totally Devoted

Wholesome, delicious foods made with unconditional love and devotion, packed with healthy benefits. Totally Devoted was created from a desire to provide new mums and health conscious men with wholesome and natural products. And it doesn’t hurt that they taste great, too.

Totally Devoted’s Feeding Cookie is a nourishing and tasty package full of love. It contains a selection of natural herbs and ingredients that support healthy lactation in breastfeeding mums.

Our Ginger Cookie is loaded with healthy benefits. Its unique selection of natural herbs is known to help reduce the effects of morning sickness, sea sickness and travel- weary kids sickness.

The Wellness Cookie is a healthy treat for people of all ages. It’s infused with a unique herbal selection to help promote immunity and general well being for everyone.

The Clever cookie includes the ingredient gingko biloba, making them a great choice for big ideas

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