Auckland 2015

21-23 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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Wawamama aims to provide comfy and natural products for babies and mums, that range from prenatal to postnatal care.

Wawamama Limited - founded in early 2015 in New Zealand, aims to look after the loving mums and dads of babies through to school age children. Parents often focus on their children's needs while ignoring their own. In fact, parents should treat themselves well too.

Wawamama not only provides high quality of babies and mums products, we also hope to build up a more intimate relationship with you and accompany you throughout this precious journey, ensure that you take pleasure in every important stage of development.

Welcome to give us feedback and encouragements, so that we can understand your needs better and progress through these special first years together.

Competitions in Auckland 2015

Drawing competition @ Wawamama !!!

Come to grab a the drawing sheet from our booth N14 and post the drawing back to us! Wawamama will make three draws after the Baby Show, we will pick out the top three outstanding drawings and there will be exciting gifts from us to you :D

Winner will be announced online on our Wawamama website, our Facebook and there will be an email to you as well. Prizes are TBA First person will get a Second will get a Third will get a

New Products in Auckland 2015

La Boos

100% bamboo made, manufactured in Taiwan. First introduction at Auckland Baby Show! Come visit you'll see exclusive specials for pre-order!!

Mammy Village Maternity Lingerie

Wawamama is bringing a new range of maternity lingerie from Mammy Village. Soft cotton made maternity bra reduce any tensions from the breast and easy to use when nursing. Come check it out at out booth at Baby Show!!

Mammy Village Post Pregnancy Body Shaping

Wawamama believe all women are very keen to get back to their usual shape after delivery, therefore we are introducing a series of Mammy Village post pregnancy shaping products! It is important to make use of the golden period - 6 months after giving birth, to get back to your pre-pregnancy figure. These products focus on the waist and thighs controlling your belly without any discomfort with its soft and breathable fabric. If you want to lose weight, shape your body figure and feel comfortable at the same time come to Wawamama!

Rokko Double Layered Warm Keeping Eating Kit

Wawamama is now distributing the Rokko series. Rokko is a brand specialized in baby basics and toddler products. This eating kit is designed to keep food warm by putting hot water into the lower layer. This special design will prevent water leakage so parents do not need to worry about burning their kids. The bowls can be separated to use as individually. Eating utensils will be provided with the product.

Rokko Three Stages Toilet Training Seats

Streamline shaping design allow toddlers to hold and grip to piece to properly apply the force while training. Pieces can be dismantle at each stage of the training 1st stage: starting around 6 months train the baby to sit on the seat 2nd stage: 18 months handle design assist toddlers to sit and potty on their own 3rd stage: 24 months help train your toddler to sit on the adult toilet using the seat with foot rest

Rokko Baby Food Processor

Helps parent to mash, cut and handle food easily both at home and out. Cover is provided to protect the food inside the bowl. A Rokko special designed spoon is included. Easy to carry and use anywhere. Does not contain BPA

Mammy Village Dual Layer Support Belt

Dual Use - support belly during pregnancy, help shape body (hip) after delivery. Dual Layers - double the force, easily adjustable to efficiently support and alleviate discomfort. Cotton made inner layer-Breathable and excellent moisture absorbency.

Mammy Village Post Pregnancy Herbal Soup

Chinese herbal extracted pure concentrated soup help ease mammy's recovery after delivery of the baby. Mammy Village herbal soup was developed by by Doctor Mr. Lai dong yuan and his team who’s specialize in postpartum care from the China Medicine University situated in Taiwan . They aim to help postpartum mammies to improve their immune system, balanced diet, restore vitality and oxidization The post pregnancy care herbal soup comes in 46 bottles of extracted pure Chinese herbal medicine. It’s simple and easy to cook for moms at home just adding ingredients they like such as chicken or veges etc. and simply add a little more water to dilute it and season it the way you want. Doctor Mr. Lai said it's really important to integrate the nutrition from both the herbal medicine formula and normal daily food for the full recovery of the

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