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17-19 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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Kathy Fray

Kathy Fray

Kathy Fray has been NZ's No.1 best-selling birth-babies-motherhood Author since 2005. These days as a semi-retired senior Midwife, Kathy is an award-winning international private Maternity Consultant. Do visit to access Kathy's enormous array of Resources, including her very popular FREE downloads. Kathy has spoken at the BabyShow every year for more than a decade, and these days is also founding director of the Integrative Maternity HealthCare global summits.

See Kathy Fray live in Auckland 2018

Sunday 19 August
Toddler tantrums and toilet training
12pm-12:45pm Smart Start Seminar Series

From New Zealand’s best-selling maternity writer and popular parenting speaker, this is Kathy Fray’s “go to” summary on how to successfully toilet train, and how to tame a hissy-fitting pre-schooler with ‘wholistic triadic’ parenting strategies. This is a must attend for all parents with terrible toddlers!

The secrets of natural labour and normal birth
1pm-1:45pm Smart Start Seminar Series

Learn from our country’s award-winning birth and babies author Kathy Fray as she explains the secrets to achieving normal birth from spontaneous labour. With a success rate of 85% vaginal births as a midwife, this international expert knows her stuff!

Top tips for travelling on airplanes with babies:

  • Be prepared to resort to a pacifier. If you haven’t used a bubba-plugger before, then accept that in an airline flight situation using a dummy might just be a wonderful idea. And no, it doesn’t automatically turn your gorgeous babe into a dummy-addicted pre-schooler with buckteeth. Pacifiers are especially helpful for infants to equalise their ears during take-off and landing.
  • For long-haul flights (after double-checking with your GP or pharmacist) do be prepared to use Phenergan™ as a short-term assistance for sedation. A plane can be a difficult place for your little one to sleep soundly so for the sake of you all arriving in a better state, and to be respectfully kind to other passengers, a little over-the-counter gentle sedative need not be a horrifically evil thing.
  • More details on Kathy’s incredibly useful books of parenting advise at

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