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17-19 Aug, Fri–Sun 10am–5pm, ASB Showgrounds

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Kathy Fray

Kathy Fray

After the early years of motherhood and annoyed at the traditionally pious mother-craft guidebooks written by ideological experts espousing perfect parenting philosophies, Kathy set out to create a new writing genre in motherhood books. The result is her trend-setting return to a middle-of-the-road in-the-trenches-of-reality writing style with extensive focus on the mother's journey, not just the baby: "OH BABY...Birth, Babies & Motherhood Uncensored".

Once her children were old enough, and with Kathy being so passionate about motherhood, childbirth and newborns; she then embarked on her own formidable "climbing Mt Everest" journey of the personal commitment required to obtain full academic Midwifery qualifications. Today Kathy is a self-employed midwife, she has completed her long awaited sequel book "OH GROW UP...Toddlers to PreTeens Decoded" and is currently working on her next book "OH GOD - What the Hell do I tell them?!" a guide for vaguely spiritual parents.

See Kathy Fray live in Auckland 2018

Sunday 19 August
Toddler tantrums and toilet training
12pm-12:45pm Smart Start Seminar Series

From New Zealand’s best-selling maternity writer and popular parenting speaker, this is Kathy Fray’s “go to” summary on how to successfully toilet train, and how to tame a hissy-fitting pre-schooler with ‘wholistic triadic’ parenting strategies. This is a must attend for all parents with terrible toddlers!

The secrets of natural labour and normal birth
1pm-1:45pm Smart Start Seminar Series

Learn from our country’s award-winning birth and babies author Kathy Fray as she explains the secrets to achieving normal birth from spontaneous labour. With a success rate of 85% vaginal births as a midwife, this international expert knows her stuff!

Top tips for travelling on airplanes with babies:

  • Be prepared to resort to a pacifier. If you haven’t used a bubba-plugger before, then accept that in an airline flight situation using a dummy might just be a wonderful idea. And no, it doesn’t automatically turn your gorgeous babe into a dummy-addicted pre-schooler with buckteeth. Pacifiers are especially helpful for infants to equalise their ears during take-off and landing.
  • For long-haul flights (after double-checking with your GP or pharmacist) do be prepared to use Phenergan™ as a short-term assistance for sedation. A plane can be a difficult place for your little one to sleep soundly so for the sake of you all arriving in a better state, and to be respectfully kind to other passengers, a little over-the-counter gentle sedative need not be a horrifically evil thing.
  • More details on Kathy’s incredibly useful books of parenting advise at

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