Baby Show, August 2024

17-18 Aug, Sat–Sun 9am–4pm, Auckland Showgrounds

Early Learning Lab: University of Auckland

Early Learning Lab: University of Auckland

We are a research group at the University of Auckland that studies social, cognitive, and language development in early childhood (0 to 6 years). We study what children understand about people and objects in the world around them and how this understanding influences their learning of language and other important behaviours such as cooperation.

To study these questions in young children we often ask the children who participate in our studies to watch short videos, play with objects, or answer questions. Because infants are limited in the range of behaviours we can ask them to do, our studies with infants often involve using their looking times to make judgments about what they think about people and actions.

All of our studies would be impossible to complete without the help of parents/caregivers and their children. Please visit us at the BabyShow, or check-out our website, and contact us if you would like to learn more, and/or participate in our studies!

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