The paulandstella Baby Bottle


The paulandstella Baby Bottle combines impressive, unique technology with a stylish look, which suits busy, modern families that are on the go. This ingenious German invention, is now available in New Zealand.

WITHOUT the need for ELECTRICITY OR BATTERIES and a just one simple click, the bottle will automatically heat the water to the perfect drinking temperature for your baby. This can be checked at any time by looking at the integrated thermometer around the middle of the bottle. No more testing or guessing temperatures.

Then simply stir the milk powder directly into the self heated water. The milk reaches body temperature within a few MINUTES . Your paulandstella Baby Bottle will keep the temperature for more than 1 hour.

This method is the procedure that is recommended by the leading baby milk powder suppliers, ensuring baby nourishment is always freshly prepared. So you don’t have to mix the baby powder in advance or boil water and carry it in a bulky thermos, hoping it doesn’t cool down. You will always be prepared and ready wherever you are, in the car, out at the park, late at night – with the click of a button.

The heating module is re-usable multiple times (approx. 100 times), and can easily be reloaded inside boiling water for a few minutes or a bottle steriliser.