ErgoPouch Swaddle & Sleeping Bag Range


Sweet Beginnings introduces you to the ONLY combined Swaddle & Sleeping Bags on the market the ErgoPouch Swaddle & Sleeping Bag Range.

The reason why the ErgoPouch Swaddle & Sleeping bag is so great is that it can keep baby swaddled and warm eliminating the need for blankets. It’s ease of use makes this product quick and easy and no origami skills required. Just place baby in and zip it up. Your baby doesn’t like being swaddled? No problem, just undo the domes at the arms and you have an instant sleeping bag, you can even use it as a transition swaddle by undoing one sides domes and then the other.

Having a Summer or Winter baby? No worries, Ergopouch has you covered by the different temperature togs available. No matter how old your child is. The Ergopouch range moves with the growth of your children.

The ErgoPouch Swaddle and Sleeping bags really do allow your child to ‘sleep like a baby’.