Auckland toy company building children’s imaginations with a twist on an old favourite


In a world ruled by a constant invasion of technology, one toy company is seeking to give children as young as 12 months the opportunity to experience a nostalgic, high quality bouncing toy designed to encourage imagination from a young age.

Bouncing Buddies are a collection of super cute, animal-themed hoppers specially designed for toddlers and preschoolers but strong enough that even adults can have a turn. They are the new generation of bouncers, a clever redesign of the much loved space-hoppers of the 1970’s, and the best toy to provide children with a source for safe indoor or outdoor physical exertion.

“From the very beginning, our mission has been to provide toys that not only make learning fun, but also foster a general sense of creativity and imagination in children,” Shae Ralph, Manager of Bouncing Buddies says. “We’re very happy with what we’ve created in Bouncing Buddies, and we’re also extremely encouraged by the response so far.”

Currently, the company offers nine individual Bouncing Buddies, and each comes with its own unique name and style. Current popular models right now include Mellow the Bouncy Cow, Dribbles the Pouncing Puppy and Dinky the Hopping Dino. To view the full selection, visit The company has made it clear that it purposefully seeks to counter the serious threat of over-stimulation created by the near-constant presence of television, internet and video games which invade children’s attention spans.

“Recent studies have shown that a large proportion of today’s learning difficulties among youngsters stem directly from a lack of physical and mental stimulation starting at an early age,” says Ralph. “The long term effects of this can be devastating to child’s development, affecting them later on in life in a number of unhealthy ways involving relationships, employment and more”.

Every Bouncing Buddy is made from 100% eco-friendly, toxin free PVC and is designed with child ergonomics in mind. Each toy is tested for safety and quality according to the highest international standards, and comes with a hand pump, colour gift box and three month warranty from the date of purchase. The Bouncing Buddies collection is available for purchase from the company website or at a growing number of retail stores throughout the country.

For more information contact Bouncing Buddies or visit

Shae Ralph, Manager, Bouncing Buddies. 021 0264 6876