Cruisy Baby introduces the Gro Hush Baby Calmer from the leading safer sleep brand, The Gro Company


Something new is about to happen ... can you hear it? Your baby can!

One of the biggest concerns for parents of newborn babies is how to get their baby to settle and fall asleep., the premiere online baby store, is thrilled to introduce Gro Hush White Noise Baby Calmer. The Gro Hush is a unique portable hand held device that delivers soothing ‘‘white noise’ directly to your baby which allows your baby to be soothed and calmed without disturbing others around you so only your baby will hear the calming tones and not others, keeping them relaxed and happy.

“The Gro Hush is the perfect solution for calming a baby when away from home says, Lara Fleck Founder of Cruisy Baby. “It can be used anywhere from waiting rooms, to coffee shops, planes, weddings and unlike other white noise products, only baby can hear the sounds from the Gro Hush – a true godsend!” 

The Gro Company most famous for the multi-award winning Grobag Baby Sleeping Bag produce a range of much loved sleep products for babies and young children.

White noise is a growing parenting phenomenon and a tool commonly used as an effective way of calming distressed and crying babies, often being used to soothe them to sleep. The noise mimics the familiar continuous sounds the baby hears in the womb which is reassuring and calming for the baby. The Gro Hush has a choice of three soothing white noise sounds to choose from, mother’s heart-beat, rain falling on a tin roof, or ocean waves which are all set at a safe volume, unlike other white noise products.

Commonly claimed benefits include:

  • Reducing stress in babies 
  • Helping babies cry less 
  • Preventing babies from being startled by random noises 
  • Preventing colic and stress induced reflux

Globally patent protected, the Gro Hush is the only hand-held white noise tool that only babies can hear, and doesn’t disturb those around you. The Gro Hush enables Mums with a newborn baby to take some time out too! It’s portable, which means dad or grandma also have a tool to soothe and calm their little one.

Because only baby can hear the sounds, it also makes the Gro Hush a perfect solution for travelling or when you’re away from home, such as on planes or in restaurants. 

Sophie mum of newborn baby said, “Amazing, like flicking a switch. Baby instantly calmed down, it’s an absolute miracle machine”.

“The Hush can take her from ballistic to peaceful in seconds” Alex Shephard father of newborn daughter.

“I would recommend this product to anyone that has or is having a baby. Thank you Gro xx “ Michelle – Mum to newborn son.

RRP $54.95 The Gro Hush comes with a stylish and handy carry case – perfect to slip in to your changing bag.

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