Moving house doesn’t mean loosing precious keepsakes


For creative Kiwi mum Aimee Mitchell, the idea that moving house might mean they would lose their children’s traditional height chart on the wall left her wondering what she could do to make a more permanent keepsake.

Aimee had recently come across some recycled timber and decided to try making something memorable. Several attempts and some great family feedback later, she has now launched her business OnWood to share the gorgeous height charts with other New Zealand families.

Her first height chart range, UpWood, is made from up-cycled Rimu, Kauri and Pine.

Aimee recalls, “Like many families, when we were growing up, we lived in the same house for all of our childhood and our heights were regularly marked on a doorway. Now, here in NZ whether renting or home owning, a family will move on average every four years. We wanted to carry on this tradition of measuring our children and having it on display and we thought the rest of NZ might too.”

While preserving family memories on a great quality, long lasting product was the essence of the project, Aimee soon found that embracing the concept of preservation and sustainability was an important part of setting up the business. Together with her husband Dan, Aimee began sourcing beautiful reclaimed native timber, and they have incorporated environmentally friendly paint, production processes and packaging wherever possible.

The height charts are available in a chevron design or Georgie Giraffe. Georgie Giraffe is painted on up-cycled pine and the chevron design is available in either Kauri or Rimu, and feet or cm measurements. There is a range of 6 colours in the chevron design.

“Not only are the height charts a beautiful keepsake”, says Aimee, “but the kids love them and it’s a fun way for your little ones to learn their numbers.”

Aimee hopes to expand the business into other home décor in the future.

The height charts and more information on OnWood can be found at: