Safe T Sleep

Since 1992, hundreds of thousands of babies worldwide have slept safely in the original, tested, Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap. This Sleepwrap is a useful aid to nurturing positive parenting skills. It helps prevent injuries and fatalities without restricting breathing or natural movements. It also offers significant Peace Of Mind!

The world’s most flexible, practical swaddling wrap! Allows natural, flexible movement yet gives security for baby

New Zealand parents have voted Safe T Sleep the BEST safety product in the OHbaby! Awards for three years!

Most Parents and Caregivers struggling to gain a full nights sleep due to an unsettled baby and or anxiety, choose to use the Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap babywrap.

This babywrap provides a safer sleeping environment for your baby by helping to prevent tummy sleeping, creeping into potentially dangerous and/or cold positions, falls from cots/cribs and beds.

Specials in Auckland 2018

ORIGINAL Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap Small (Classic)

EST., 1992 Independently CLINICALLY PROVEN 100% success record - NO Cot Deaths or injuries. The only Original Safe T Sleep Sleepwrap in the world. Fits mattresses for: Aircraft Cradle, Bassinet, Bassinet-Pram, Moses Basket, Hammock, Cot/Crib, Portable Cot, Boat, Caravan and NZ Standard Single. *Choose your Sleepwrap model according to the 'mattress' sizing required. *Suitable for newborn to 24 months plus. Helps prevents your baby: Rolling onto their tummy. Crawling under bedding. Becoming jammed in a corner or a bed end. Getting tangled in the bedding or swaddling. Pulling themselves up in the cot/crib. Trying to climb out or falling off the bed. For a full list of all the benefits see:

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