Baby Show, March 2024

9-10 Mar, Sat–Sun 9am–4pm, Auckland Showgrounds

General Information

Baby Show 2024

Important information on the Baby Show venue and how to get there.

Baby Show, March 2024

9-10 Mar, Sat–Sun 9am–4pm

What's on

Auckland Showgrounds

Greenlane, Auckland.



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Getting to the show

The Baby Show is located at the Auckland Showgrounds, Green Lane West, Auckland. If you’d rather not drive to the show, we have devised a few alternative options for your consideration.

Parking is controlled by Auckland Showgrounds, not the organisers of the Baby Show.

Parking at Auckland Showgrounds is now a flat rate of just $10 per day. Enter via gate 1 or 2 from Greenlane West, take your parking entry ticket and pay $10 at the pay machines before exiting. No cash, card only.

This is FREE parking on surrounding streets to take advantage of too.

Why not get together with friends and arrange to share a car to the show. Sounds simple, but it's an often-overlooked solution.

For bus and train information check out the Auckland Transport website for options.

Auckland Transport

Share a cab with friends and enjoy the show without worrying about parking. See us at reception and we’ll call a cab to pick you up.

Accomodation options